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Everybody is chasing a bag right? But are they chasing the bag with purpose and intentionality? From starting new business ventures, hustles, to those who are grinding it out each day making sure your businesses stay running, everyone is trying to get it. Maybe you find yourself in one of these positions or maybe not.

Or are you over the rat race or the demanding hours of working at a job that does not appreciate you? Sound familiar? You may be like many who are probably starting to feel like you are two more Mondays away from quitting your job and starting your own business. Or you may be running your business where you simply are overworked and underpaid. 

 The real question, though, is do you have a vision for how any of it will happen? Are you ready for more? Are you ready to meet your profit goals? Can you SEE the success before you see the success? Are you purposely seeking out what you have to offer to share with the world? Or are you waiting on someone else to tell you what you should be doing right now? 

 I’m Kheiston Boone, and I want to help you prioritize your goals so you can fix your vision and produce in this season. If you are finding yourself burned out from doing it all, stuck in a career you hate, struggling to scale your business and increase your earnings, or if you need a fresh start with your business then BUILD TRANSFORM AND PROFIT is for you!

Archie Stewart

I’ve been in business for 2 years and Kheiston has been there for me every step of the way. My business was able to exceed my annual revenue goal for this year with her help and wisdom. She was able to give me actionable steps and advice around my services and framework and I’m so thankful for her! 


The Build Transform and Profit is a 4-month hybrid coaching program for women who desire to grow and scale their businesses through mindset training, strategic coaching, branding, automation, systems, strategy, implementation, and human behavior.

 This mindfully crafted program is designed for the purpose-driven, high-performing, and strategically motivated woman who is ready to live for more. Build Transform and Profit is intentionally fashioned for every woman who has the audacity to believe that she can rise above statistics, negativity, unfruitful environments, and glass ceilings to soar into greatness. This program is for you, beautiful, and it's specifically for women who are ready to take action and transform their lives and businesses in 4 months.
Angelica Whaley

I went into business in 2013 way before I met Kheiston I was making good money, but I could not scale my business. When I met Kheiston in 2019 is when I really developed a network. By taking one of her free courses I was so excited to go further, when I did finally buy a package course it was truly an investment to my business. It took me to another level on branding marketing, and even from a CRM standpoint. I have scaled my business within One year, taking it to different revenue levels even during a pandemic. I am forever grateful for her Expertise, and patience with me as a client.


The BTP coaching program has been skillfully created to intentionally focus on building your 6-figure business, transform your mindset, and increase your monthly profits. 

This program is designed to strategically build the everyday woman by helping you: 

 > Grow and Scale your Business to six figures or more
> Navigate life with other women who are like-minded 
>Learn how to implement and utilize different methodologies and strategies to grow and scale your business
>Achieve Financial Wellness 

Ashley James

I applied for Secure The Season earlier this July and I am so glad that I invested in this course. I learned how to photoshop, utilize social media and enhance my Wix website. Throughout the course, I Iearned how to develop my why, engage my audience, develop a branding strategy and also how to create profitable products. The course included budgeting tips and opportunities to ask in depth questions about branding. The branding course took my blog from drab and gave it a facelift with more engagement. Kheiston took the vision I had and made it a reality. I loved that she provided insight in between the course and also at the end. I didn’t feel stranded or like I was given tools and left to figure it out. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to get their brand out there.

When women ask me, “Kheiston, HOW were you able to quit your FULL-time career to start your own business AND actually see 4 and 5 figure months?” I share with them that what I had to learn to do was internalize my vision for my life, then create a realistic plan that will allow me to turn my dream into a reality. They wonder if they are capable of doing the same. 

 The truth is… 

 YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN DO IT TOO! LOOK... Without a vision, you will lag behind and ultimately not see the growth you are desiring. Right now, if you are trying to wear a million different hats to see which one of them is going to work out, you are likely all over the place and going nowhere fast. It is time to shift the narrative of your life. It’s time to get intentional about where you want to be five years from now. No more accepting things as they are. No more wasting precious time on the things that are not serving your best interests. No more waiting for someone else to tell you how great you are. Now is the time to put some work behind your faith and create the life you desire to live. The only thing we are settling for in this season is win after win. Let’s build. Let’s prosper. Let’s create wealth and inspire others to do the same!


8 Coaching Calls  

8 Q and A sessions 

Resources and Workbooks 

Session Replays and Recordings 

A FREE WEBSITE & LOGO TEMPLATE - (Will Receive once all payments have been made)

***Bonus*** My favorite Apps Checklist  

***Bonus*** How to edit photos training 

***Bonus*** Launch Week Plan

Brandee Harris

I recently had a Consulting Strategy Session with Kheiston, and I cannot speak enough about how amazing it was! In our short time together, Kheiston was able to help me create a plan that I could immediately take action on to build my personal brand on social media platforms and work towards becoming an expert in a couple focus areas for my future business. Kheiston is extremely patient and encouraging. She is not selfish at all when it comes to sharing her knowledge. She is all about helping others to win too!


***Sessions for this program are 14 days long. This means you have 14 days to implement and complete assignments and assessments.***

Session 1 - Finding your Confidence and Why

Session 2 - Brand Story & Products and Services

Session 3 - Intro Into Branding Yourself and Your Business

Session 4 - Building the Brand

Session 5 - Website Design - Building the System

Session 6 - Building Your Digital Footprint and Brand

Session 7 - Using Automation to Build Your Business and Audience

Session 8 - Marketing on and Off Social Media and How to Position Yourself for High Ticket Clients


You haven't seen the growth you desire in your business.

You struggle with making the amount of income you desire in your business and it feels like you have to chase people down to pay for your products and services.

People want to pick your brain and ask for advice but once the invoice is sent, you cant find them.

You have a hard time seeing your worth & really need to change your mindset around business and money. 

You provide great service and you're tired of not achieving your goals. You need a system and strategy to build the business you desire. 

You know your brand and messaging has held you back.

You’re ready to really build a relationship with God and struggle finding community or examples of what that looks like.

You know that you're talented and gifted, but you struggle with where you fit in.

People want to pick your brain and ask for advice but once the invoice is sent, you cant find them.

You struggle with making the amount of income you desire in your business and it feels like you have to chase people down to pay for your products and services.

You have a hard time seeing your worth & really need a confidence shift.

You aren't confident in front of people and it's holding you back from showing your expertise and becoming an expert in your field.

You're constantly comparing yourself to other women and your competitors.

You aren't reaching your goals and know you can do better.

You're tired of not achieving your goals and need the push from people in your community.

You're ready to make valuable and quality relationships


Kheiston Boone is a Business, Branding, and Certified Mindset Coach. She helps women push past their limitations, reach their business goals and clarify their purpose in the marketplace. She transforms lives through her innovative strategies, knowledge, and unique experiences.  

Human behavior and mindset have always been of interest to her. She has a degree in social work, with a concentration in counseling & human services, a master's in teaching, and additional certifications centered around human behavior, mindset, and psychological patterns. 

She believes that the mind is our most powerful muscle and digging deeper with others to figure out what's within them what's holding them back or in a state of stagnation has always been a passion of hers. She's always been passionate about seeing women grow, develop, and living their authentic and best lives. After failed relationships, growing up in an abusive household, having a dysfunctional family, dealing with rejection and so many other things she's always known it was her life's purpose after getting healed to help others on their journeys to wholeness and walking into the lives God had for them.  

She creates spaces, opportunities, and coaches female entrepreneurs to walk into their wealth and create profitable businesses. Her methodologies, trainings, coaching, and classes have helped over 3,000+ business owners since 2017. She thoroughly enjoys the work that she does and how she's able to be a vessel to impact the lives of others.

September 26th, 2021 it all goes down! We will have our meet and greet, and the membership folder will open!

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